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Keep in mind our law firm advances all of the legal costs, so there is no financial risk to your business. Moreover, our legal fee and costs are typically paid directly by the auto insurers, so you can collect and keep 100% of your outstanding debt. 

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Massachusetts PIP Solutions

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We are experienced trial attorneys working every day on helping medical practices get paid the money they are owed from PIP insurance companies.  There is no upfront cost for our clients. We represent medical providers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and have collected millions in the past few years for our clients. 

The Statute of Limitations for collecting PIP benefits is 6 years from the point of the insurer's breach of contract (either the denial or last payment to you).  The longer you delay, the less money we can collect for you.   For more information please call us at 413-781-0000.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits are benefits in Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Policies that cover accident-related medical bills, lost wages, funeral expenses, and substitute services. Following a car accident, “reasonable and necessary” medical bills are paid by the insurer. PIP benefits are considered "no-fault" benefits, which means that medical bills are paid for accident-related treatment regardless of who is at fault for the accident. Massachusetts law requires these benefits to be paid in a timely manner, usually within ten days of receipt by the PIP insurer.

In many cases, auto insurers deny or underpay PIP benefits to medical providers who treat accident victims. That is where we step in with our PIP collection services. Our experienced trial lawyers collect money, which is wrongfully withheld by Massachusetts Automobile Insurers.

When a medical provider bills a PIP insurer, the insurers generally cut bills in three ways.  However, only two of these methods are even permitted by the Massachusetts PIP statute, General Laws Chapter 90 Section 34M.  Insurers use: "usual and customary" rate reductions (not approved in the PIP statute); record reviews; and so-called "Independent Medical Exams" (IME). These so-called “independent” doctors are paid by insurance companies to challenge your treatment. However, they spend very little time reviewing records, less time examining the patient, and they are anything but independent. We have been successful in challenging all types of bill cuts.